Southeast Regional Partnership for Planning and Sustainability (SERPPAS)

Sentinel Landscapes in the Southeast

Sentinel Landscapes in the Southeast

Three 4th Fighter Wing F-15E Strike Eagles fly over forests and farmland during a training mission. The 4th Fighter Wing at Seymour Johnson AFB, North Carolina hosted exercise Razor Talon to provide Air Force and Navy units on the East Coast an opportunity to participate in a low cost training exercise. The Sentinel Landscapes Partnership between DoD, USDA, and DOI works to establish and implement a coordinated and comprehensive strategy within a defined landscape to promote compatible land use around military bases, coordinate the delivery of Federal programs to landowners, and encourage State, Local, and NGO/private participation. (U.S. Air Force photo/Staff Sgt. Eric Harris/Released)


Why? Increased population growth and development, inadequate planning and other incompatible land uses, threatens the ability of military installations to carry out their mission.

How? In response to these growing challenges, the U.S. Departments of Agriculture (USDA), Defense (DoD), and the Interior (DoI) established the Sentinel Landscapes Partnership as a nationwide collaboration dedicated to promoting conservation, working lands, and national defense readiness. The SERPPAS Sentinel Landscapes Work Group connects currently designated partnerships in the Southeast to address shared challenges, share lessons learned and promote the Sentinel Landscapes Partnership’s mission in the Southeast. The Work Group disseminates information to developing partnerships in the Southeast, and serves as a regional coordinating body between currently designated and future Sentinel Landscapes partnerships.

Benefit? Sentinel Landscapes benefit the military mission by promoting compatible land use near military installations; strengthening the economies of forests and farms surrounding military bases; improving coordination between the military services, local governments, and state and federal agencies; and encouraging state interest and prioritization of resources supporting military installations and surrounding communities.

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12/31/14 Conserving Working Lands: A Land Legacy Handbook with Tools and Resources to Guide Your Conservation Planning Journey North Carolina State University
12/13/13 Sentinel Landscapes MOU N/A

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Date Title Author
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04/01/19 Natural Selections Newsletter: Spring 2019 DoD Natural Resources Program
03/31/19 The Network for Landscape Conservation Newsletter: March 2019 Network for Landscape Conservation
03/27/19 USDA Offers Conservation Assistance to Landowners to Protect Wetlands, Agricultural Lands and Grasslands USDA NRCS
03/20/19 Office of Economic Adjustment Releases “Defense Spending by State” Office of Economic Adjustment
02/21/19 2019 REPI Report to Congress REPI
01/30/19 The Network for Landscape Conservation Newsletter: January 2019 Network for Landscape Conservation
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09/14/18 Community Adjustment Assistance Expanded to Deal with Threats to Installation Resilience DoD OEA
09/01/18 The Network for Landscape Conservation Newsletter: September 2018 The Network for Landscape Conservation
09/01/18 Understanding Good Neighbor Authority: Case Studies from Across the West Rural Voices for Conservation Coalition
08/31/18 TELE Workshop Teaches Skills for Targeted Outreach NCSU
08/01/18 Network for Landscape Conservation Releases "Pathways Forward: Progress and Priorities in Landscape Conservation" The Network for Landscape Conservation
07/16/18 REPI Newsletter: Spring 2018 REPI
06/13/18 Land near Avon Park Purchased Through Florida's Rural and Family Lands Protection Program Florida Department of Agriculture and Consumer Services
05/30/18 Base recognized for conservation work USFWS
05/18/18 Officials Near End of Study to Protect Fort Bragg from 'Bad Neighbors' The Fayetteville Observer
05/07/18 GA Conservation Legislation Signed Into Law Georgia Wildlife Federation
05/01/18 Keeping Forests as Forests Releases 2018-2022 Strategic Plan Keeping Forests as Forests
04/15/18 REPI Newsletter: Winter 2018 REPI
03/01/18 AFWA Releases White Paper, "Landscape Conservation Collaboration" AFWA
02/28/18 Osprey aircraft to land on Bladen Lakes State Forest Bladen Journal
12/19/17 Southern Georgia Named ‘Sentinel Landscape’ for Readiness Enhancement REPI
11/03/17 2018 REPI Challenge RFP US Endowment for Forestry and Communities
09/27/17 REPI Newsletter: Summer 2017 REPI
09/01/17 State Acquires Land in Bay County for Base Buffering of Naval Support Activity Panama City FL DEP
06/21/17 USDA Aims to Work with Landowners to Restore 400,000 Acres of Longleaf Pine Forests on Private Lands USDA NRCS
06/01/17 REPI Newsletter Spring 2017 DoD REPI
05/02/17 REPI Challenge Announcement: Eastern North Carolina Sentinel Landscape Partnership REPI
04/19/17 Emerald Isle land purchase would also help prevent encroachment on military training in the area The Daily News
04/15/17 ALRI Interview with New Chair of Longleaf Partnership Council ALRI
04/05/17 Fort A.P. Hill accepts the 2017 Governor's Environmental Excellence Gold Award US Army Public Affairs
03/30/17 USDA Offers Renewal Options for Expiring Conservation Stewardship Program Contracts USDA NRCS
01/31/17 Longleaf Restoration Gets High Tech Help NFWF
12/14/16 Mapping the South's Protected Forests of the Future Project RFP U.S. Endowment for Forestry and Communities
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09/08/16 Agricultural Development and Farmland Preservation Trust Fund awards more than $3.8 million for projects NCDAFP
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09/01/16 Interview With the President of the Longleaf Alliance America's Longleaf Restoration Initiative
08/22/16 Pentagon Conservation Efforts Protect Rare Species — And Troops' Training Grounds WUNC
07/12/16 More Military Bases Join 'Sentinel Landscapes' for Readiness Enhancement DoD
06/28/16 The Birds and the Bombs BioGraphic
06/22/16 Townsend Bombing Range Fourth Recipient of Funding in 2016 REPI Challenge Cycle DoD REPI Program
02/17/16 The Open Space Institute Seeks Proposals for the Southern Cumberland Land Protection Fund The Open Space Institute
02/17/16 The Open Space Institute Seeks Proposals for the Southeast Resilient Landscapes Fund The Open Space Institute
02/12/16 Fort Huachuca Sentinel Landscape Conservation Project Selected for $5.9 Million NRCS Grant USDA NRCS
02/10/16 USDA Secretary Vilsak Announces Launch of the 2016 Regional Conservation Partnership Program USDA
01/02/16 North Carolina Grants Protect Land, Water, Historic Sites, and Military Buffer Zones Raleigh News & Observer
12/10/15 The Enviva Forest Conservation Fund has been established to fund conservation efforts in North Carolina and Virginia over the next 10 years U.S. Endowment for Forestry and Communities
11/13/15 Longleaf Stewardship Fund is Requesting Proposals for 2016! Due Date is Thursday, February 4th, 2016 (11:59PM EST) National Fish and Wildlife Foundation
10/09/15 2016 Readiness And Environmental Protection Integration (REPI) Program Challenge Request for Pre-Proposals U.S. Endowment for Forestry and Communities
10/04/15 Army, civilians work to maintain coastal Georgia forests Savannah Morning News
09/15/15 North Carolina budget brings some money to Fayetteville Fayetteville Observer
09/01/15 Public-private project will protect water, help longleaf pine restoration and military needs in Scotland County NC DEQ
06/30/15 NFWF Announces $4.6 Million in Funding for Restoration of Longleaf Pine Forest and Ecosystem Across the Southeast NFWF
08/01/14 Sentinel Landscapes: Where Conservation, Working Lands, and National Defense Interests Converge White House
07/17/13 Supporting Military Readiness and Training through Environmental Conservation White House