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South Atlantic Salt Marsh Initiative

South Atlantic Salt Marsh Initiative


The South Atlantic coast is home to an expansive network of salt marsh and tidal creeks covering over a million acres. Filling and draining with saltwater as the tides ebb and flow, the salt marsh safeguards coastal communities and military installations from storm energy and floodwaters and serves as vital habitat for the fish and wildlife that support coastal businesses, state economies, and a unique way of life. The Southeast Regional Partnership for Planning and Sustainability (SERPPAS) is working together with diverse partners from North Carolina, South Carolina, Georgia, and Florida and beyond to conserve this great expanse of salt marsh, helping it move with rising waters and ensuring its benefits for future generations.

The South Atlantic Salt Marsh Initiative (SASMI) uses a voluntary, collaborative, and non-regulatory approach that complements each state’s existing programs to conserve the South Atlantic salt marsh. The initiative is inspired by the successful regional conservation effort known as America’s Longleaf Restoration Initiative. Using that approach, SAMI is bringing together additional local, state, and federal interests, scientists, non-governmental organizations, coastal communities, public and private landowners, and other interested stakeholders to develop and implement an integrated, coordinated, and focused regional conservation plan. A diverse Steering Committee oversees the conservation plan development.

To learn more about the SERPPAS South Atlantic Salt Marsh Initiative and potential opportunities to get involved, please contact the SERPPAS South Atlantic Salt Marsh Initiative Coordinator, Mallory Eastland, located in Greenville, NC. Phone: 936-788-3548 and email:


Bring together diverse partners to develop a Regional Conservation Plan and implement the priority actions identified in that plan for the benefit of people, communities, military installations, and wildlife that depend on the salt marsh.


Conserve and protect the region’s salt marshes and their migration corridors into the future to the benefit of the coastal communities, military, and wildlife through collaborative, voluntary partnership.


Support the migration, conservation, and restoration of one million acres of salt marsh in the South Atlantic states.



March 28-April 1, 2022: SASMI Workshop - This virtual workshop is invitation only for the members of the SASMI salt marsh coalition.


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