Southeast Regional Partnership for Planning and Sustainability (SERPPAS)

Southeast Prescribed Fire Initiative

Southeast Prescribed Fire Initiative

Critical efforts to restore fire-dependent ecosystems such as the longleaf pine ecosystem and its many associated species like red-cockaded woodpecker cannot be successful without additional prescribed burning, especially on private lands.


Why? Fire is a critically important agent of renewal in natural ecosystems. However, wildfires can pose a substantial risk to people and infrastructure and the Southeast has more wildfires than any other region. The Southeast region also includes several fire-dependent ecosystems where prescribed burning is necessary to safely manage the land and resources.

How? By promoting prescribed fire as a land management tool, SERPPAS partners minimize the risk of destructive wildfires while restoring critical habitat and species in the Southeast. Working with fire experts from around the region, the SERPPAS Prescribed Fire Work Group developed a Comprehensive Prescribed Fire Strategy that guides their work. This strategy describes regional, state, and local activities needed to progress toward the strategic goals. The strategy recommends leveraging numerous funding sources, organizations, and networks, and identifies existing tools and models to maximize efficiency and success.

Benefit? Managing land properly with prescribed fire helps restore ecosystems, reduces the risk of catastrophic wildfire, protects air quality, and improves wildlife habitat for game, at-risk and endangered species. Military testing and training in the Southeast is critically linked to prescribed burning, as installations use this management practice for fuels reduction to reduce the severity of wildfires and to manage critical habitat. Increasing prescribed fire as a management tool on and off base can enhance military readiness by increasing flexibility under the Endangered Species Act by expanding and sustaining key habitats off-post; reducing fuels to create natural buffers to DoD facilities, infrastructure and assets; and decreasing liability claims and fire costs from surrounding communities.

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Date Title Author
05/06/22 Rx Fire Liability Report Final Bill Cary and Jamey Lowdermilk, of the law firm Brooks, Pierce, McLendon, Humphrey & Leonard, L.L.P., in collaboration with Jennifer Fawcett, North Carolina State Extension
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11/01/21 Southeast Prescribed Fire Training Needs Survey 2021 - Summary SERPPAS Prescribed Fire Work Group
04/16/21 Thriving on Fire: The Resilient Longleaf Pine America's Longleaf Restoration Initiative
02/02/21 Smoke Management Guidebook for Prescribed Burning in the Southern Region EPA, NCSU, SFE, SREF, and UGA
09/03/20 SE FireMap NRCS/U.S. Endowment
03/20/20 REPI Interactive Map Fact Sheet REPI
04/30/19 SEFireMap: Overview and Status Update NRCS/U.S. Endowment
04/30/19 SEFireMap: Statement of Interest for Technical Oversight Team NRCS/U.S. Endowment
04/15/19 Benefits of Prescribed Fire NC Forest Service
03/01/19 SFE Fact Sheet: An Introduction to Fire and Soil Carbon Southern Fire Exchange
12/28/18 SFE Fact Sheet: Online Tools for Weather Information Southern Fire Exchange
12/28/18 SFE Fact Sheet: Quail, Turkey, and Deer: Fire Effects and Management Recommendations Southern Fire Exchange
09/30/18 A Regional Database Tracking Fire Footprint Each Year within the South Atlantic Region: Current Database Description and Future Directions NatureServe, South Atlantic LCC, Florida Natural Areas Inventory, SERPPAS, National Fish and Wildlife Foundation (NFWF), Texas A&M University
09/18/18 SFE Fact Sheet: Reintroducing Fire Into Long-Unburned Pine Stands: The Duff Problem Southern Fire Exchange
08/31/18 SFE Fact Sheet: Summary of Smoke Related Joint Fire Science Program Grants Relevant to the Southeastern U.S. Southern Fire Exchange
06/29/18 SFE Fact Sheet: Relationships Among Wildfire, Prescribed Fire and Drought at Fort Benning, Georgia Southern Fire Exchange
06/28/18 SERPPAS Southeast Prescribed Fire Initiative Fact Sheet: SERPPAS Prescribed Fire Work Group
06/01/18 Scientists aim to smoke out wildfire impacts American Association for the Advancement of Science
05/16/18 2017 Range-wide Accomplishments Report America's Longleaf Restoration Initiative
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03/01/18 NWCG Smoke Management Guide for Prescribed Fire National Wildfire Coordinating Group
02/28/18 Annual Summary FY 2017 JFSP Fire Science Exchange Network Joint Fire Science Program
07/21/17 A Framework for the Evaluation of Large-Scale Regional Conservation and Management Strategies John M. Diaz, Jennifer Evans Fawcett, K. S. U. Jayaratne, Jackie Bruce
06/26/17 Identifying Gap, Challenges and Opportunities in Prescribed Fire Efforts within the Southeastern U.S. Jennifer Powell Prince
04/30/17 Longleaf Partnership Council 2016 Range-Wide Accomplishments Report ALRI
12/01/16 Commonly Referenced Wildland Fire Initiatives, Program and Networks Southern Fire Exchange
11/18/16 The Value of Forming a Prescribed Fire Burn Association John Diaz, Jennifer E. Fawcett, John Weir
09/01/16 2016 Southeastern Forest Private Lands Partnership Forum Report Partners for Conservation
04/08/16 Federal Prescribed Fire Programs White Paper North Carolina State University
04/04/16 2015 National Prescribed Fire Use Survey Report National Association of State Foresters
07/01/15 Prescribed Burning Perceptions Among Private Landowners: An Annotated Bibliography of Relevant Literature Jennifer Busam and Jennifer L. Evans
07/01/15 Impediments to Prescribed Burning on Private Lands: A Synthesis of Surveys from 2012-2015 John Diaz, Jennifer L. Evans, and Jennifer Busam
07/01/15 Best Practices for Communicating with Landowners about Prescribed Fire (and other communications resources) NCSU/ SERPPAS Prescribed Fire Work Group
08/01/14 Resource Availability and Coordination for Prescribed Fire Use across Significant Geographic Areas of Longleaf Pine Laurie W. Gharis, Jennifer L. Evans, John M. Diaz, Johnathan G. Sutton, Jessica D. Knight, and Bethany Harvey
06/03/14 A Burning Issue: Prescribed Fire and Fire-adapted Habitats of the East Gulf Coastal Plain Communications Plan East Gulf Coastal Plain Joint Venture
07/01/13 Prescribed Fire Resources Laurie Gharis and Jennifer Evans
04/05/13 The National Cohesive Wildland Fire Strategy: Southeastern Regional Action Plan Southeast Regional Strategy Committee
01/01/13 Prescribed Fire Liability: Insurance Options for Landowners and Consultants Jennifer Evans and Laurie Gharis
08/01/12 Comprehensive Strategy for Prescribed Fire to Restore Longleaf Pine in the Southeast United States: A Vision for 2025 SERPPAS Prescribed Fire Work Group
05/21/12 Synthesis Report: Current Work on Prescribed Fire Related to Longleaf Pine Restoration SERPPAS Prescribed Fire Work Group

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Title Author
Introduction to Southeastern Prescribed Fire (online course) Jennifer Evans/ NC State University
Southeast Prescribed Fire Update blog Jennifer Evans/ NC State University
Southeastern Cohesive Wildland Fire Management Strategy Southeastern Regional Strategy Committee
Southern Fire Exchange Southern Fire Exchange
e-FIRE (online prescribed fire course for landowners and others new to burning) NC State University
NCSU Prescribed Fire Information and Resources NC State University Extension Forestry
From Fire Comes Light NC State University's Department of Forestry & Environmental Resources
NC Joint Information Center NC Joint Information Center
Wildfires Near Me The Wildland Fire Management Research Development & Application Program
SE FireMap Landscape Portal SE FireMap
SFE Regional Fire Science Publication Database Southern Fire Exchange
EJSCREEN: Environmental Justice Screening and Mapping Tool EPA

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Date Title Author
03/25/21 U.S. Geological Survey Wildland Fire Science Strategic Plan, 2021-26 U.S. Geological Survey
03/15/21 Natural resources conservation efforts at Fort Stewart receive recognition U.S. Army
03/02/21 Driptorch Digest Volume 54: March 2021 SERPPAS Prescribed Fire Work Group
02/26/21 Fire Lines Newsletter, January/February 2021 Southern Fire Exchange
02/20/21 The Longleaf Alliance Leads a Three-Year Prescribed Fire Pilot Project in the GA Sentinel Landscape The Longleaf Alliance
02/02/21 Smoke Management Guidebook for Prescribed Burning in the Southern Region EPA, NCSU, SFE, SREF, and UGA
02/02/21 Driptorch Digest Volume 53: February 2021 SERPPAS Prescribed Fire Work Group
02/01/21 Southern Fire Exchange Podcast: Friends of Fire Southern Fire Exchange
01/11/21 Sentinel Landscapes Designation Cycle Now Open Sentinel Landscapes Partnership
01/04/21 Prescribed Fire Infographic Series Communications Toolkit Southern Group of State Foresters
01/04/21 Driptorch Digest Volume 52: January 2021 SERPPAS Prescribed Fire Work Group
12/31/20 Fire Lines Newsletter, November/December 2020 Southern Fire Exchange
12/17/20 2020 National Prescribed Fire Use Report National Association of State Foresters/Coalition of Prescribed Fire Councils
12/01/20 Driptorch Digest Volume 51: December 2020 SERPPAS Prescribed Fire Work Group
11/20/20 NFWF Longleaf Stewardship Fund 2021 Request for Proposals NFWF
11/16/20 Fires set in woods, controlled by experts, aid combat training, health of plants, wildlife U.S. Army
11/02/20 Driptorch Digest Volume 50: November 2020 SERPPAS Prescribed Fire Work Group
10/30/20 Fire Lines Newsletter, September/October 2020 Southern Fire Exchange
10/16/20 The Longleaf Alliance Seeks Georgia Sentinel Landscape Pilot Project Coordinator The Longleaf Alliance
10/15/20 2020 REPI Challenge Award Recipients Announced REPI
10/09/20 2021 REPI Challenge Award RFP REPI
10/08/20 As Sea Levels Rise, So Do Ghost Forests New York Times
10/05/20 Examining the Economic Drivers of Wildfire: Where There’s Smoke, There’s Finance IUFRO
10/02/20 Chattahoochee Fall Line Prescribed Fire Co-Op: Opportunities for Private Landowners TNC
10/01/20 Arbor Day Foundation Reforestation Request for Proposal Arbor Day Foundation
10/01/20 NRCS Releases Application Guidance for Regional Conservation Partnership Program NRCS
10/01/20 Driptorch Digest Volume 49: October 2020 SERPPAS Prescribed Fire Work Group
09/30/20 Wildland Fire Leadership Council (WFLC), EPA, and CDC Release Joint Vision and Key Messages on Relative Benefits of Prescribed Fire to Wildfire WFLC, EPA, and CDC
09/25/20 Proposed Downlisting of Red-Cockaded Woodpecker Under Endangered Species Act USFWS
09/01/20 SE FireMap Scoping Survey SE FireMap
09/01/20 Driptorch Digest Volume 48: September 2020 SERPPAS Prescribed Fire Work Group
08/31/20 Prescribed Fire Doesn’t Hinder Forests From Producing Clean Water Clemson University
08/31/20 Fire Lines Newsletter, July/August 2020 Southern Fire Exchange
08/26/20 Partnership Aims to Bolster Military Readiness, Protect Environment DoD
08/19/20 Florida Forest Service, U.S. Forest Service, Agencies Sign Shared Stewardship Agreement FL Forest Service, FL DACS, FL FWC, USFS, NRCS
08/17/20 USFS Landscape Scale Restoration Program RFP Due September 18th USFS
08/13/20 The Women Battling Wildfires and Breaking Barriers in the American Wilderness National Geographic
08/06/20 2020 National Public Lands Day Department of Defense Awards Open for Applications Until Aug. 16th National Environmental Education Foundation (NEEF)
08/03/20 Driptorch Digest Volume 47: August 2020 SERPPAS Prescribed Fire Work Group
07/22/20 Great American Outdoors Act Approved by Congress Land Trust Alliance
07/20/20 Wildland Fire Pros Battle Fire Season Despite COVID-19 Air Force Civil Engineer Center
07/17/20 Climate Change Will Decrease Prescribed Fire Opportunities in Southeastern US NCSU
07/15/20 Army Program Protects Training Lands U.S. Army
07/01/20 Managing Fire USFWS
07/01/20 Driptorch Digest Volume 46: July 2020 SERPPAS Prescribed Fire Work Group
06/01/20 Driptorch Digest Volume 45: June 2020 SERPPAS Prescribed Fire Work Group
05/29/20 American Geophysical Union Accepting Manuscripts for New Special Collection, Fire in the Earth System American Geophysical Union
05/19/20 Satellites Show a Decline in Fire in the U.S. Southeast NASA
05/18/20 ALRI Illustrates Substantial Gains in 2019 Range-wide Accomplishment Report America’s Longleaf Restoration Initiative
05/01/20 Driptorch Digest Volume 44: May 2020 SERPPAS Prescribed Fire Work Group
04/30/20 Fire Lines Newsletter, March/April 2020 Southern Fire Exchange
04/08/20 Complied Resources for Prescribed Fire Smoke, Public Health, and COVID-19 EPA/Southern Regional Extension Forestry/Southern Fire Exchange
04/01/20 Driptorch Digest Volume 43: April 2020 SERPPAS Prescribed Fire Work Group
03/10/20 Women in Forestry and Fire: Empowering Women through Land Management Education NCSU
03/05/20 13th Biennial Longleaf Conference Call for Abstracts The Longleaf Alliance
03/02/20 Driptorch Digest Volume 42: March 2020 SERPPAS Prescribed Fire Work Group
02/28/20 Fire Lines Newsletter, January/February 2020 Southern Fire Exchange
02/20/20 Insights and Suggestions for Certified Prescribed Burn Manager Programs Forest Stewards Guild
02/13/20 Controlled Burns Improve Local Training Areas, Prevent Wildfires, Protect Endangered Species U.S. Army
02/11/20 NC Wildlife Resources Commission Searching for New Executive Director NC WRC
02/03/20 Driptorch Digest Volume 41: February 2020 SERPPAS Prescribed Fire Work Group
01/13/20 South Carolina Forestry Commission Launches Wildfire App South Carolina Forestry Commission
01/02/20 Driptorch Digest Volume 40: January 2020 SERPPAS Prescribed Fire Work Group
12/20/19 Fire Lines Newsletter, September-December 2019 Southern Fire Exchange
12/10/19 Women-In-Fire Prescribed Fire Training Exchange (WTREX) Program Video The Nature Conservancy
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11/04/19 Driptorch Digest Volume 38: November 2019 SERPPAS Prescribed Fire Work Group
10/22/19 Midlands Area Joint Installation Consortium, SC The Conservation Fund
10/01/19 Driptorch Digest Volume 37: October 2019 SERPPAS Prescribed Fire Work Group
10/01/19 Southeast Conservation Adaptation Strategy October Newsletter SECAS
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09/13/19 Into the Black - Importance of Prescribed Fire Video TNC AL
09/03/19 Driptorch Digest Volume 36: September 2019 SERPPAS Prescribed Fire Work Group
09/03/19 Southeast Conservation Adaptation Strategy September Newsletter SECAS
08/30/19 Managers and Researchers Connect to Advise on Restoration of Rare Old-Growth Longleaf Tract NCSU
08/14/19 NC State University Updates Prescribed Burn Contractor Databases NCSU
08/01/19 SEFireMap: Overview & Status Update – August 2019 NRCS; Longleaf Alliance
08/01/19 Driptorch Digest Volume 35: August 2019 SERPPAS Prescribed Fire Work Group
07/31/19 NC Military Foundation & NC Business Association Combine to Form Defense Alliance of North Carolina Defense Alliance of North Carolina
07/25/19 Florida Cabinet OKs land purchase to help protect Wakulla Spring State of Florida
07/25/19 Fire Lines Newsletter, June/July 2019 Southern Fire Exchange
07/22/19 Florida State Parks Set New Record for Land Management with Prescribed Fire FL DEP
07/01/19 Driptorch Digest Volume 34: July 2019 SERPPAS Prescribed Fire Work Group
06/28/19 Florida Governor Signs Amendment to Military Installation Protection Bill Florida Senate
06/11/19 North Carolina Forest Service Debuts New Good Fires Webpage NC Forest Service
06/07/19 America's Longleaf Restoration Initiative Releases 2018 Range-wide Accomplishment Report ALRI
06/03/19 Fire Lines Newsletter, April/May 2019 Southern Fire Exchange
06/03/19 Driptorch Digest Volume 33: June 2019 SERPPAS Prescribed Fire Work Group
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05/21/19 Tall Timbers Newsletter: Spring 2019 Tall Timbers Research Station and Land Conservancy
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04/25/19 Georgia's Coastal Environment Improves Health in New Report Card GA Department of Natural Resources
04/22/19 Eglin AFB named Air Force 2019 SECDEF Environmental Award recipient U.S. Air Force
04/15/19 NRCS Job Announcements - LLPI Coordinator and National WLFW Coordinator NRCS
04/01/19 Driptorch Digest Volume 31 SERPPAS Prescribed Fire Work Group
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03/15/19 Prescribed Burning Part of Jackson Conservation Efforts U.S. Army
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03/08/19 Prescribed Fire Effects on Water Quality and Freshwater Ecosystems in Moist-Temperate Eastern North America Natural Areas Association
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03/01/19 Driptorch Digest Volume 30 SERPPAS Prescribed Fire Work Group
03/01/19 Fire Management in the National Park Service's Southeast Region: 2018 National Park Service
02/19/19 Fact Sheet: Learn and Burn Workshops: Teaching Private Landowners to Use Prescribed Fire The National Cohesive Wildland Fire Management Strategy
02/04/19 Driptorch Digest Volume 29 SERPPAS Prescribed Fire Work Group
01/31/19 Fire Lines Newsletter, January 2019 Southern Fire Exchange
01/10/19 Executive Order 13855: Promoting Active Management of America’s Forests, Rangelands, and Other Federal Lands To Improve Conditions and Reduce Wildfire Risk USDA/DOI
01/02/19 Driptorch Digest Volume 28 SERPPAS Prescribed Fire Work Group
12/01/18 Driptorch Digest Volume 27 SERPPAS Prescribed Fire Work Group
11/21/18 NFWF Longleaf Stewardship Fund 2019 RFP Available NFWF
11/01/18 Driptorch Digest Volume 26 SERPPAS Prescribed Fire Work Group
10/22/18 Stereo Photo Series for Quantifying Natural Fuels, Volume XII: Post-Hurricane Fuels in Forests of the Southeast United States USFS
10/09/18 Southern Integrated Prescribed Fire Information System: Prescribed Fire and Air Quality Information for the South SIPFIS
10/01/18 Driptorch Digest Volume 25 SERPPAS Prescribed Fire Work Group
09/03/18 Driptorch Digest Volume 24 SERPPAS Prescribed Fire Work Group
08/31/18 Fire Lines Newsletter, August 2018 Southern Fire Exchange
08/16/18 USDA Forest Service Announces New Strategy for Improving Forest Conditions USDA
08/16/18 NFWF Announces Record $6.5 Million in Grants to Benefit Longleaf Pine Forest and Wildlife in Eight States across the Southeast NFWF
08/10/18 Back to Bases: AFCEC Revives Environmental Workshop Air Force Civil Engineer Center
08/02/18 Driptorch Digest Volume 23 SERPPAS Prescribed Fire Work Group
08/01/18 NCSU "Learn and Burn" Workshops North Carolina State University
07/11/18 Driptorch Digest Volume 22 SERPPAS Prescribed Fire Work Group
07/02/18 Veteran Fire Corps Provides Job Skills to Veterans in Forest and Wildland Fire Management The National Cohesive Wildland Fire Management Strategy
06/29/18 Fire Lines Newsletter, May-June 2018 Southern Fire Exchange
06/25/18 MOU Between DoD and DOI Establishing a Recovery and Sustainment Partnership Initiative DoD, DOI
06/12/18 Driptorch Digest Volume 21 SERPPAS Prescribed Fire Work Group
05/15/18 Driptorch Digest Volume 20 SERPPAS Prescribed Fire Work Group
04/15/18 Driptorch Digest Volume 19 SERPPAS Prescribed Fire Work Group
03/29/18 Camp Pendleton leaders gather for Wild Land Fire Table Top Exercise 2018 Marine Corps Installations West
03/23/18 Secretary Perdue Applauds Fire Funding Fix in Omnibus USDA
03/15/18 Driptorch Digest Volume 18 SERPPAS Prescribed Fire Work Group
03/06/18 Top-notch fire training facility opens at Egling Air Force Base AFCEC
02/28/18 Driptorch Digest Volume 17 SERPPAS Prescribed Fire Work Group
02/27/18 AF Fire Emergency Services looking to the future with ‘strategic plan’ AFCEC
01/31/18 Driptorch Digest Volume 16 SERPPAS Prescribed Fire Work Group
12/31/17 Driptorch Digest Volume 15 SERPPAS Prescribed Fire Work Group
11/30/17 Driptorch Digest Volume 14 SERPPAS Prescribed Fire Work Group
10/31/17 Driptorch Digest Volume 13 SERPPAS Prescribed Fire Work Group
10/26/17 SERDP Solicitations - Wildland fire research to improve military land use efficiency Strategic Environmental Research and Development Program
09/30/17 Driptorch Digest Volume 12 SERPPAS Prescribed Fire Work Group
08/31/17 Driptorch Digest Volume 11 SERPPAS Prescribed Fire Work Group
07/31/17 Driptorch Digest Volume 10 SERPPAS Prescribed Fire Work Group
07/07/17 Florida Forest Service Firefighters Heading to Battle Blazes in Western States FL Department of Agriculture and Consumer Services
06/15/17 Driptorch Digest Volume 9 SERPPAS Prescribed Fire Work Group
05/25/17 TELE in the Field: Prescribed Fire on Private Lands The Sustaining Family Forests Initiative
05/23/17 Drought & Fire: Florida is burning up. Learn how landowners are managing their forests to mitigate wildfire. FL NRCS
04/15/17 Learn and Burn Field Day in LA KALB
04/07/17 Beneficial Prescribed Burns Continue Across North Carolina NC WRC
01/23/17 MOU Wildland Fire Leadership Council WFLC
01/23/17 USDA - DOI - EPA Partnership Agreement Regarding Wildland Fire and Air Quality USDA, DOI, EPA
12/13/16 SE Cohesive Wildland Fire Management Strategy Newsletter Southeast Region Strategy Committee
12/09/16 Bipartisan Fix to Wildfire Disaster Funding Burns Out TNC
11/20/16 Forest Fires Burn 119,000 acres in 8 Southeastern States USA Today
11/15/16 Driptorch Digest Volume 8 SERPPAS Prescribed Fire Work Group
09/30/16 Driptorch Digest Volume 7 SERPPAS Prescribed Fire Work Group
09/08/16 Learning about Burning: State Meeting Expands Prescribed Fire Impact GA DNR
08/15/16 Driptorch Digest Volume 6 SERPPAS Prescribed Fire Work Group
08/02/16 Florida Forest Service Treats 204,000 Acres of State Forests with Prescribed Fire FLDA&CS
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05/31/16 Driptorch Digest Volume 4 SERPPAS Prescribed Fire Work Group
04/15/16 USDA Forest Service Veterans Fire Recruitment Video USDA Forest Service
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04/08/16 NC Sandhills Prescribed Burn Association Kickoff Meeting Sandhills Area Land Trust
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01/31/16 Driptorch Digest Volume 1 SERPPAS Prescribed Fire Work Group
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