Southeast Regional Partnership for Planning and Sustainability (SERPPAS)

Southeast Prescribed Fire Initiative

Southeast Prescribed Fire Initiative

Critical efforts to restore fire-dependent ecosystems such as the longleaf pine ecosystem and its many associated species like red-cockaded woodpecker cannot be successful without additional prescribed burning, especially on private lands.


Fire is a critically important agent of renewal in natural ecosystems, but uncontrolled wildfires can pose a substantial risk to people and infrastructure. In recent years, the risks associated with wildfire have captured public attention as large forest fires raged in the west. In the Southeast, there are more acres treated with prescribed fires than any other region and more fire-adapted natural communities than in any other region in the United States. Furthermore, human population growth and the expansion of the urban footprint are also greater in the Southeast than in any other area of the country, and unlike the west, the vast majority of the land base in the Southeast (and especially forested land) is still in private ownership.

According to The National Cohesive Wildland Fire Strategy: Southeastern Regional Action Plan (2013), “addressing the challenge posed by wildland fire in the Southeast is not simply a fire management, fire operations or wildland-urban interface problem – it is much larger and more complex.” Many agencies and organizations in the Southeast have the authority, responsibility and autonomy to develop and implement their own policies. However, long-term success may only be achieved through the unified, collaborative effort of all involved. Addressing the issue will sustain Sentinel Landscapes and advance the SERPPAS interests in working lands, conservation and national defense.

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Date Title Author
04/01/18 Southern Area Fire Risk Assessment - Winter/Spring 2018 Southern Area Coordination Center Rapid Assessment Team
03/31/18 Driptorch Digest Volume 18 SERPPAS Prescribed Fire Work Group
03/01/18 NWCG Smoke Management Guide for Prescribed Fire National Wildfire Coordinating Group
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06/26/17 Identifying Gap, Challenges and Opportunities in Prescribed Fire Efforts within the Southeastern U.S. Jennifer Powell Prince
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12/01/16 Commonly Referenced Wildland Fire Initiatives, Program and Networks Southern Fire Exchange
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11/18/16 The Value of Forming a Prescribed Fire Burn Association John Diaz, Jennifer E. Fawcett, John Weir
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07/01/15 Prescribed Burning Perceptions Among Private Landowners: An Annotated Bibliography of Relevant Literature Jennifer Busam and Jennifer L. Evans
07/01/15 Impediments to Prescribed Burning on Private Lands: A Synthesis of Surveys from 2012-2015 John Diaz, Jennifer L. Evans, and Jennifer Busam
07/01/15 Best Practices for Communicating with Landowners about Prescribed Fire (and other communications resources) NCSU/ SERPPAS Prescribed Fire Work Group
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04/05/13 The National Cohesive Wildland Fire Strategy: Southeastern Regional Action Plan Southeast Regional Strategy Committee
01/01/13 Prescribed Fire Liability: Insurance Options for Landowners and Consultants Jennifer Evans and Laurie Gharis
08/01/12 Comprehensive Strategy for Prescribed Fire to Restore Longleaf Pine in the Southeast United States: A Vision for 2025 SERPPAS Prescribed Fire Work Group
05/21/12 Synthesis Report: Current Work on Prescribed Fire Related to Longleaf Pine Restoration SERPPAS Prescribed Fire Work Group

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Title Author
Burning on Private Lands Website NC State University
Introduction to Southeastern Prescribed Fire (online course) Jennifer Evans/ NC State University
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Southeastern Cohesive Wildland Fire Management Strategy Southeastern Regional Strategy Committee
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e-FIRE (online prescribed fire course for landowners and others new to burning) NC State University
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01/23/17 MOU Wildland Fire Leadership Council WFLC
01/23/17 USDA - DOI - EPA Partnership Agreement Regarding Wildland Fire and Air Quality USDA, DOI, EPA
12/13/16 SE Cohesive Wildland Fire Management Strategy Newsletter Southeast Region Strategy Committee
12/09/16 Bipartisan Fix to Wildfire Disaster Funding Burns Out TNC
11/20/16 Forest Fires Burn 119,000 acres in 8 Southeastern States USA Today
09/08/16 Learning about Burning: State Meeting Expands Prescribed Fire Impact GA DNR
08/02/16 Florida Forest Service Treats 204,000 Acres of State Forests with Prescribed Fire FLDA&CS
04/15/16 USDA Forest Service Veterans Fire Recruitment Video USDA Forest Service
04/08/16 NC Sandhills Prescribed Burn Association Kickoff Meeting Sandhills Area Land Trust
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