Southeast Regional Partnership for Planning and Sustainability (SERPPAS)

Threatened, Endangered, and At-Risk Species

Threatened, Endangered, and At-Risk Species

Both state and federal partners share a desire to conserve gopher tortoise populations and habitat in order to prevent regulatory constraints and carry out their missions to the best of their ability, be it training missions on military installations or forest management on U.S. Forest Service lands. The gopher tortoise is listed as threatened in the western portion of its range, while it’s a candidate species for possible federal listing in the eastern portion of the range.


Why?  Military installations provide habitat for significant populations of federally-listed and at-risk species. These species can and do adversely impact training and testing on military installations due to Endangered Species Act (ESA) requirements. At-Risk species are defined as those species which have been proposed for listing by the Fish and Wildlife Service, designated as candidate species by the Service or which the Service has been petitioned to list under the ESA.

How?  The SERPPAS Threatened, Endangered, and At-Risk Species Work Group collaborates with federal, state and other partners to develop and promote innovative strategiesfor proactive conservation of at-risk species and increased flexibility for addressing impacts to both listed species and military missions.  These approaches include conservation agreements, mitigation credit strategies, and projects to increase status information of at-risk species to inform Species Status Assessments conducted by the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service to inform listing decisions.

Benefit?  These efforts will promote and support ecosystem restoration, maintenance and monitoring on and off military installations to enhance the conservation of at-risk and listed species; increase flexibility for on-installation training; increase regulatory predictability for military services, other federal agencies, and private landowners who engage in proactive conservation; and provide a process for DoD and other partners to share species data that will inform regulatory decisions.

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Date Title Author
04/16/21 Thriving on Fire: The Resilient Longleaf Pine America's Longleaf Restoration Initiative
03/15/21 12th Annual Gopher Tortoise Candidate Conservation Agreement Report GTCCA Agencies & Organizations
07/01/20 Longleaf Pine Restoration for Water Resources Jones Center at Ichaway
06/16/20 Blowing in the Wind: Advantages of Longleaf Pine in Wind Storms America's Longleaf Restoration Initiative
05/18/20 2019 ALRI Range-wide Accomplishments Report America's Longleaf Restoration Initiative
03/20/20 REPI Interactive Map Fact Sheet REPI
01/11/20 2019 Annual Report: SERPPAS RCW Translocation Project Aliza Sager, Sarah Lauerman, and Ralph Costa
10/31/19 Collaborative Wildlife Protection and Recovery Initiative CWPRI
08/30/19 10th Annual Gopher Tortoise Candidate Conservation Agreement Report GTCCA Agencies & Organizations
06/07/19 2018 ALRI Range-wide Accomplishment Report America's Longleaf Restoration Initiative
06/03/19 Longleaf Resiliency: Insects and Diseases America's Longleaf Restoration Initiative
02/06/19 2018 Annual Report: SERPPAS RCW Translocation Project Aliza Sager, Sarah Lauerman, and Ralph Costa
06/28/18 SERPPAS Threatened, Endangered and At-Risk Species Fact Sheet SERPPAS At-Risk Species Work Group
06/25/18 MOU Between DOI and DoD Establishing a Recovery and Sustainment Partnership Initiative DOI/DOD
03/21/18 9th Annual Gopher Tortoise Candidate Conservation Agreement Report GTCCA Agencies & Organizations
03/12/18 Perspectives on Collaborative Conservation Partners for Conservation
01/31/18 2017 Annual Report: SERPPAS RCW Translocation Project Aliza Sager, Sarah Lauerman, and Ralph Costa
04/20/17 8th Annual Gopher Tortoise Candidate Conservation Agreement Report GTCCA Agencies & Organizations
03/24/17 Department of Defense Gopher Tortoise Conservation and Crediting Strategy USFWS, DoD, SC DNR, GA DNR, AL DCNR, FL FWCC
01/30/17 2016 Annual Report: SERPPAS RCW Translocation Project Kristina Witter, Sarah Lauerman, Ralph Costa
12/14/16 Conserving Georgia's Nongame Wildlife 2016 Annual Report GA DNR Wildlife Resources Division
02/17/16 Issues in Ecology #20: Species Recovery in the U.S.: Increasing the Effectiveness of the Endangered Species Act Ecological Society of America
07/15/15 Webinar Recording: Better Integrating Natural Resources Management with Your REPI Project REPI
02/01/15 2014 RCW Translocations Annual Report Kristina Witter, Sarah Lauerman, Ralph Costa
03/01/13 4th Annual Report: Candidate Conservation Agreement for the Gopher Tortoise N/A
02/01/13 2012 RCW Translocations Annual Report Kristina Witter, Sarah Lauerman, Ralph Costa
12/01/12 Candidate Conservation Agreement (CCA) for the Gopher Tortoise USFWS and Partners
02/01/12 2011 RCW Translocations Annual Report Kristina Witter, Sarah Lauerman, Ralph Costa
04/01/10 2009 RCW Translocations Annual Report Larry Wood, Sarah Lauerman, Ralph Costa
03/01/10 2010 RCW Translocations Annual Report Kristina Witter, Sarah Lauerman, Ralph Costa
05/01/09 2008 RCW Translocations Annual Report Larry Wood, Sarah Lauerman, Ralph Costa

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03/18/21 Keeping Forests Podcast: How The River Flows Keeping Forests
03/15/21 Tall Timbers eNews: Spring 2021 Tall Timbers
03/15/21 Natural resources conservation efforts at Fort Stewart receive recognition U.S. Army
03/01/21 NFWF Acres for America 2021 Request for Proposals NFWF
02/20/21 The Longleaf Alliance Leads a Three-Year Prescribed Fire Pilot Project in the GA Sentinel Landscape The Longleaf Alliance
02/20/21 How The Military Helped Bring Back The Red-Cockaded Woodpecker NPR
01/27/21 Video: Montane Longleaf Pine Forests Risks, Mitigation, and Management Forest Stewards Guild
01/14/21 USDA Invests More than $46 Million to Protect Communities from Wildfires, Restore Forest Ecosystems and Improve Drinking Water USDA NRCS
01/14/21 Ingka Investments acquires forestland in United States from The Conservation Fund The Conservation Fund
01/11/21 Sentinel Landscapes Designation Cycle Now Open Sentinel Landscapes Partnership
01/11/21 Southeastern Partnership for Forests & Water Quarterly Newsletter: Winter 2020 Southeastern Partnership for Forests & Water
01/07/21 ESTCP FY 2022 Solicitations Released ESTCP
12/30/20 Restoring longleaf pines, keystone of once vast ecosystems Associated Press
11/20/20 NFWF Longleaf Stewardship Fund 2021 Request for Proposals NFWF
11/05/20 NFWF Lower Mississippi Alluvial Valley Restoration Fund 2021 RFP NFWF
11/04/20 SERDP FY 2021 Core Solicitations Released SERDP
10/30/20 First Long-term Study Conducted on Relocated, Young Tortoises UGA
10/27/20 New State Wildlife Management Area to Open on Georgia Coast GA DNR
10/21/20 Climbing the pines, wildlife biologists put in ready-made homes to help woodpeckers thrive U.S. Army
10/15/20 2020 REPI Challenge Award Recipients Announced REPI
10/09/20 2021 REPI Challenge Award RFP REPI
10/02/20 Chattahoochee Fall Line Prescribed Fire Co-Op: Opportunities for Private Landowners TNC
10/01/20 Arbor Day Foundation Reforestation Request for Proposal Arbor Day Foundation
10/01/20 NRCS Releases Application Guidance for Regional Conservation Partnership Program NRCS
09/30/20 Jones Center at Ichauway: Summer 2020 Newsletter Jones Center at Ichaway
09/25/20 Proposed Downlisting of Red-Cockaded Woodpecker Under Endangered Species Act USFWS
09/25/20 NC Water, Land Projects Awarded $14.6 Million NC Land and Water Fund
09/23/20 Forestland Stewards 2020: Building a Community to Restore Forests, Watersheds & Wildlife NFWF
09/10/20 LLA Announces 2020 Regional Longleaf Awards The Longleaf Alliance
09/09/20 A rare species: Gopher tortoises released at Camp Shelby through conservancy program Camp Shelby
09/08/20 Florida FWC Announces New Way To Report Gopher Tortoise Sightings FL Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission
09/08/20 Linking Water, Forests and Communities: A Series Dedicated to the Development of Successful Payment for Ecosystem Service Projects in the Southeast Keeping Forests
08/27/20 USDA Launches Strategy to Continue Conserving the Gopher Tortoise and its Critical Habitat Contact: NRCS
08/26/20 Partnership Aims to Bolster Military Readiness, Protect Environment DoD
08/26/20 NFWF Announces $5.6 Million in Grants to Advance Longleaf Pine Habitat and Support Wildlife in Eight Southeast States NFWF
08/21/20 Registration Now Open for $380 Million Hurricane Michael Timber and Irrigation Recovery Block Grant Programs FL DACS
08/20/20 Fort Bragg researchers discover way to multiply endangered butterfly population U.S. Army
08/19/20 Florida Forest Service, U.S. Forest Service, Agencies Sign Shared Stewardship Agreement FL Forest Service, FL DACS, FL FWC, USFS, NRCS
08/18/20 State Dept. Releases New Guidance on H-2B Guest Visas for Forestry Workers Forest Landowners Association
08/17/20 USFS Landscape Scale Restoration Program RFP Due September 18th USFS
08/06/20 2020 National Public Lands Day Department of Defense Awards Open for Applications Until Aug. 16th National Environmental Education Foundation (NEEF)
07/28/20 Air Force Environmental Programs Help Endangered Species Thrive Air Force Civil Engineer Center
07/27/20 North Florida Land Trust Gets $450K Grant For Ocala To Osceola Wildlife Corridor North Florida Land Trust
07/22/20 Great American Outdoors Act Approved by Congress Land Trust Alliance
07/15/20 Mapping the Aftermath of a Hurricane Jones Center at Ichauway
07/15/20 Army Program Protects Training Lands U.S. Army
06/24/20 ALRI Released Longleaf Wind Storm Resilience Fact Sheet America's Longleaf Restoration Initiative
06/18/20 Bees of Longleaf Pine Forests USFS Southern Research Station
05/18/20 ALRI Illustrates Substantial Gains in 2019 Range-wide Accomplishment Report America’s Longleaf Restoration Initiative
03/29/20 Longleaf Pine Forests: A Southern Treasure TNC
03/27/20 Enviva and The Longleaf Alliance Announce Partnership to Protect and Restore Longleaf Pine Forests The Longleaf Alliance
03/26/20 NFWF Releases Longleaf Pine Growth And Yield Model RFP NFWF
03/09/20 Eglin AFB Featured in Into the Wild Video U.S. Air Force
03/05/20 13th Biennial Longleaf Conference Call for Abstracts The Longleaf Alliance
02/12/20 Recent PBS Documentary Focuses on Wild Florida PBS
02/11/20 NC Wildlife Resources Commission Searching for New Executive Director NC WRC
02/10/20 Keeping Forests Update: February 2020 Keeping Forests
01/31/20 NC Forest Service "Longleaf on the Short" Videos NC Forest Service
01/29/20 The Perennial Forest: A Visual Account of One Year in the Life of a Longleaf Pine Forest, The Longleaf Alliance
01/24/20 Habitat suitability maps for at-risk herpetofauna species in the longleaf pine ecosystem UGA
12/11/19 Longleaf Alliance Releases New Video, Longleaf in the Long Run The Longleaf Alliance
11/23/19 USDA and Georgia Sign Shared Stewardship Agreement Highlighting Cooperative Approach to Land Management USDA
11/12/19 New Longleaf Alliance Brochure - Restoring Longleaf: A Groundcover Perspective The Longleaf Alliance
11/11/19 Southeastern Partnership for Forests & Water Quarterly Newsletter: November 2019 Southeastern Partnership for Forests & Water
10/22/19 Midlands Area Joint Installation Consortium, SC The Conservation Fund
10/16/19 LIT Summit & TNC Longleaf All Hands Meeting Summary TNC
10/01/19 Southeast Conservation Adaptation Strategy October Newsletter SECAS
09/26/19 New agreement between federal, state agencies highlights cooperative approach to land management USDA Forest Service
09/26/19 Scientists connected fragments of pine savanna and new species keep showing up University of Wisconsin-Madison
09/13/19 NC Zoo Strives to Save Carolina Gopher Frog NC Zoo
09/11/19 Partnership for Gulf Coast Land Conservation Releases Recommended Best Practices in Land Conservation for the Gulf of Mexico Region Partnership for Gulf Coast Land Conservation
09/03/19 Southeast Conservation Adaptation Strategy September Newsletter SECAS
08/30/19 Managers and Researchers Connect to Advise on Restoration of Rare Old-Growth Longleaf Tract NCSU
08/27/19 NFWF Longleaf Stewardship Fund Announcement 2019 NFWF
08/27/19 Joining Forces: At Fort Stewart, the Army and the Service saved red-cockaded woodpeckers and military training USFWS
08/27/19 At Fort Stewart, the Army and the Service Saved RCW and military training US FWS
08/08/19 RFP: The Community Forest and Open Space Conservation Program USDA Forest Service
07/31/19 NC Military Foundation & NC Business Association Combine to Form Defense Alliance of North Carolina Defense Alliance of North Carolina
07/25/19 Florida Cabinet OKs land purchase to help protect Wakulla Spring State of Florida
07/15/19 Southeast Longleaf Ecosystem Occurrences Geodatabase FNAI Progress Report, Apr 15 – Jul 15, 2019 FNAI
07/08/19 North Florida Land Trust Says Little Bird Has Given Hope for a Big Vision in O2O Corridor North Florida Land Trust
06/28/19 Florida Governor Signs Amendment to Military Installation Protection Bill Florida Senate
06/20/19 U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service Conducts Five-year Status Reviews of 53 Southeastern Species USFWS
06/11/19 15 Eastern Indigo Snakes Just Released in Year Three of the North Florida Recovery Effort Florida Fish and Wildlife Commission
06/07/19 America's Longleaf Restoration Initiative Releases 2018 Range-wide Accomplishment Report ALRI
06/03/19 USDA National Agroforestry Center Outreach – Request for Proposals 2019 USDA National Agroforestry Center
05/21/19 Tall Timbers Newsletter: Spring 2019 Tall Timbers Research Station and Land Conservancy
05/21/19 Proposed Endangered Species Act Findings for the Carolina madtom and Neuse River waterdog USFWS
04/24/19 Coastal Headwaters Project in Florida is a Major Step for Longleaf Pine Restoration USFWS
04/22/19 Eglin AFB named Air Force 2019 SECDEF Environmental Award recipient U.S. Air Force
04/15/19 NRCS Job Announcements - LLPI Coordinator and National WLFW Coordinator NRCS
04/10/19 What's Good For One Is Good For All: Quail and Wild Turkeys in Southern Piney Woods Aid RCW Recovery National Wild Turkey Federation
04/09/19 Bringing Back the Red-cockaded Woodpecker: Are Prescribed Fire and Artificial Nests Enough? Cornell Lab of Ornithology
04/03/19 NFWF Releases 2018 Annual Report NFWF
04/01/19 Natural Selections Newsletter: Spring 2019 DoD Natural Resources Program
04/01/19 SEFireMap: Overview & Status Update NRCS; U.S. Endowment for Forestry and Communities; Longleaf Alliance
03/30/19 ALRI Releases Strategic Priorities and Actions 2019-2021 America's Longleaf Restoration Initiative
03/11/19 A Real Good Burn - Photo Essay NC Wildlife Resources Commission
02/06/19 2018 Annual Report: SERPPAS RCW Translocation Project Aliza Sager, Sarah Lauerman, and Ralph Costa
02/04/19 U.S. Endowment Issues RFP for Field Data for Longleaf Ecosystem Occurrence Database U.S. Endowment
01/28/19 USFWS Develops Longleaf Pine Habitat Story Map USFWS
01/24/19 RCWs Receive Emergency Help at Silverlake WMA After Hurricane Michael GA DNR Wildlife Resources Division
01/23/19 DEP Adds Fragile Acreage to Florida Keys Ecosystem Project FL DEP
01/22/19 Longleaf Leader Details Post-Hurricane Recovery and Restoration The Longleaf Alliance
01/07/19 USACE Team Protects Gopher Tortoises USACE
12/20/18 Natural Selections Newsletter: Winter 2019 DoD Natural Resources Program
12/01/18 Fall 2018 Longleaf Partnership Council Meeting Summary ALRI
11/21/18 Longleaf Stewardship Fund 2019 Request for Proposals NFWF
11/15/18 Acres for America Program Awards $3.2M to Save Habitats and Increase Public Access to Nature NFWF
10/22/18 SERPPAS Partners Quoted in Longleaf Alliance's Longleaf Leader Longleaf Alliance
10/09/18 Protecting the Desert’s Little Tanks DoD
10/04/18 Relocation efforts reach 800 rescued gopher tortoises Texas A&M Natural Resources Institute
09/19/18 Regional Longleaf Awards Announced Longleaf Alliance
09/18/18 North Florida Land Trust Marks Largest Conservation Easement Acquisitions to Date North Florida Land Trust
08/29/18 Natural Selections Newsletter: Summer 2018 DoD Natural Resources Program
08/22/18 NFWF Longleaf Forests and Rivers Business Plan NFWF
08/03/18 U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service conducts five-year status reviews of 42 southeastern species USFWS
06/28/18 The Longleaf Alliance and ALRI Release Story Map, "Building a "Road Map" to Restore Longleaf Pine" The Longleaf Alliance and ALRI
06/01/18 Texas A&M NRI Releases Article, "The Intersection of Gopher Tortoise Policy and Conservation" Texas A&M Natural Resources Institute
06/01/18 U.S. Army Corps of Engineers June 2018 Stewardship Newsletter USACE
05/18/18 Endangered Species Day: Congratulations to the 2017 Recovery Champions for the Southeast Region USFWS
05/07/18 U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service conducts five-year status reviews of 35 Southeastern species USFWS
04/06/18 Gulf Power helps Eglin Air Force base save thousands of doomed gopher tortoises Gulf Power
03/29/18 Reversing America's Wildlife Crisis National Wildlife Federation
03/23/18 NRCS to Expand Targeted Conservation Effort for Wildlife on Agricultural Lands USDA NRCS
03/22/18 Marines and Woodpeckers Share the High Ground USFWS
03/09/18 Fish and Wildlife Service conducts five-year status reviews of eight southeastern species USFWS
03/05/18 Lesson from a Tortoise Mike Brennan
01/28/18 Business and Wildlife Groups Skip the Fight, Work Together to Save a Species NPR
08/22/17 Boosting the gopher tortoise: Federal, state and private partners raise $150 million to help the much-loved keystone species flourish in the South US FWS
08/09/17 Growing Trees, Saving Species USFWS
08/01/17 The Tortoise and the Lair Garden and Gun
06/29/17 Fish and Wildlife Service conducts five-year status reviews of 23 Southeastern species USFWS
06/26/17 NWTF Donates Land for Lauderdale WMA Alabama Department of Conservation and Natural Resources
06/17/17 Service Provides 1 Million Dollars to States to Combat Bat-Killing Fungal Disease USFWS
06/05/17 Applicants sought for Central Appalachia Habitat Stewardship Program NFWF
05/09/17 A harmonious future for profits, pine and at-risk species along the Florida-Alabama line USFWS
04/18/17 Endangered Species Act Petitions for Florida Black Bear and Mojave Desert Tortoise do not Warrant Further Action USFWS
04/06/17 Fish and Wildlife, the military and state of Florida boost conservation at Camp Blanding USFWS
04/04/17 U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service finds yellow lance mussel warrants Endangered Species Act protection USFWS
03/30/17 Manatee Reclassified from Endangered to Threatened as Habitat Improves and Population Expands – Existing Federal Protections Remain in Place USFWS
03/24/17 Service, Department of Defense Adopt Credit Strategy for SE Installations Benefiting Gopher Tortoise and other species USFWS
03/06/17 Draft Recovery Plan for Endangered Yellowcheek Darter Available USFWS
03/01/17 Natural Selections Newsletter: Winter 2017 DoD Natural Resources Program
02/10/17 SCDNR, SCBS partner for bluebird conservation SC DNR
02/06/17 Partnering to Protect Longleaf Pines The Conservation Fund
01/03/17 The Longleaf Reader Winter 2016 The Longleaf Alliance
12/31/16 Longleaf Stewardship Fund 2017 Request for Proposals NFWF
12/23/16 Final Policy Provides Standards to Offset Impacts of Development on America’s Most At-Risk Species USFWS
12/23/16 Federal Agencies Strengthen Opportunities for Public Engagement in Voluntary Conservation Efforts Under Endangered Species Act USFWS
12/01/16 Fall 2016 Natural Selections: Spotlight on GT Conservation and Crediting Strategy DoD Natural Resources Program
11/10/16 Georgia's Revised Wildlife Action Plan Approved, at Work GA DNR Wildlife Resources Division
11/10/16 2016 season marked by high sea turtle nest, stranding numbers SC DNR
10/27/16 NFWF and USFWS Announce Launch of the Bats for the Future Fund NFWF
09/15/16 Military Bases Serve As Safe Haven For Endangered Species NPR
09/13/16 Service Announces Findings on Ten Endangered Species Act Petitions US FWS
09/01/16 The Birds and the Bombs BioGraphic, Ben Goldfarb
08/30/16 Fish and Wildlife Service Conducting Five-Year Status Reviews of 22 Southeastern Species US FWS
08/17/16 NOAA awards $5.4 million in grants for endangered, threatened species recovery NOAA
07/27/16 UCF to Establish Permanent Sea Turtle Research Field Station on Archie Carr National Wildlife Refuge US FWS
07/26/16 Service Announces Final Methodology for Prioritizing and Addressing Endangered Species Act Status Reviews US FWS
07/22/16 Corps and Service Agree On Actions for Conserving Cape Sable Seaside Sparrow and Restoring Balance to Everglades Ecosystem US FWS
02/17/16 DoD Announces Request for Fiscal Year 2017 Legacy Resource Management Program Funding Pre-Proposals Department of Defense
01/19/16 USFWS Regulates Human Interactions with Listed Bat Species USFWS
12/14/15 The Department of Defense and the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service have produced the Fall 2015 Wildlife Stewardship & National Defense Issue of the Endangered Species Bulletin DoD and USFWS
09/17/15 U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service Announces Findings for 25 Endangered Species Act Petitions USFWS
09/14/15 Fish and Wildlife Service Proposes Adding White Fringeless Orchid to Threatened and Endangered Species List USFWS
09/02/15 Loggerhead Sea Turtles Set Another Nesting Record in Georgia GA DNR
08/11/15 Military Conservation Partner Award 2016—Solicitation of Nominations USFWS
07/23/15 Dusty Gopher Frog Recovery Plan Released USFWS
08/19/14 Fort Bragg and red-cockaded woodpecker co-exist comfortably after shift in conservation attitudes Fayetteville Observer
07/27/11 12-Month Finding on a Petition To List the Gopher Tortoise as Threatened in the Eastern Portion of Its Range USFWS
02/21/10 A Base for War Training, and Species Preservation NY Times