Southeast Regional Partnership for Planning and Sustainability (SERPPAS)

Threatened, Endangered, and At-Risk Species

Threatened, Endangered, and At-Risk Species

Both state and federal partners share a desire to conserve gopher tortoise populations and habitat in order to prevent regulatory constraints and carry out their missions to the best of their ability, be it training missions on military installations or forest management on U.S. Forest Service lands. The gopher tortoise is listed as threatened in the western portion of its range, while it’s a candidate species for possible federal listing in the eastern portion of the range.


The SERPPAS At-Risk Species action team works collaboratively to reduce the likelihood of listing more than 400 species as threatened or endangered over the next decade. The team coordinates and advances cooperative conservation efforts by partners to improve the status of candidate and petitioned species, which may help avoid the need for Federal protection. Action is focused on proactive conservation agreements, mitigation credit pilot solutions, and information transfers to the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service. The team also continues to facilitate coordinated recovery actions for the red-cockaded woodpecker (RCW), a federally-listed endangered species endemic to open, mature, and old growth pine ecosystems in the Southeast. RCW translocations expedite the expansion of small, at-risk populations that ultimately serve to accelerate overall species recovery.

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Date Title Author
04/20/17 8th Annual Gopher Tortoise Candidate Conservation Agreement Report GTCCA Agencies & Organizations
03/24/17 Department of Defense Gopher Tortoise Conservation and Crediting Strategy USFWS, DoD, SC DNR, GA DNR, AL DCNR, FL FWCC
01/30/17 2016 Annual Report: SERPPAS RCW Translocation Project Kristina Witter, Sarah Lauerman, Ralph Costa
12/14/16 Conserving Georgia's Nongame Wildlife 2016 Annual Report GA DNR Wildlife Resources Division
02/17/16 Issues in Ecology #20: Species Recovery in the U.S.: Increasing the Effectiveness of the Endangered Species Act Ecological Society of America
07/15/15 Webinar Recording: Better Integrating Natural Resources Management with Your REPI Project REPI
02/01/15 2014 RCW Translocations Annual Report Kristina Witter, Sarah Lauerman, Ralph Costa
03/01/13 4th Annual Report: Candidate Conservation Agreement for the Gopher Tortoise N/A
02/01/13 2012 RCW Translocations Annual Report Kristina Witter, Sarah Lauerman, Ralph Costa
12/01/12 Candidate Conservation Agreement (CCA) for the Gopher Tortoise N/A
02/01/12 2011 RCW Translocations Annual Report Kristina Witter, Sarah Lauerman, Ralph Costa
04/01/10 2009 RCW Translocations Annual Report Larry Wood, Sarah Lauerman, Ralph Costa
03/01/10 2010 RCW Translocations Annual Report Kristina Witter, Sarah Lauerman, Ralph Costa
05/01/09 2008 RCW Translocations Annual Report Larry Wood, Sarah Lauerman, Ralph Costa

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Date Title Author
08/22/17 Boosting the gopher tortoise: Federal, state and private partners raise $150 million to help the much-loved keystone species flourish in the South US FWS
08/09/17 Growing Trees, Saving Species USFWS
08/01/17 The Tortoise and the Lair Garden and Gun
06/29/17 Fish and Wildlife Service conducts five-year status reviews of 23 Southeastern species USFWS
06/26/17 NWTF Donates Land for Lauderdale WMA Alabama Department of Conservation and Natural Resources
06/17/17 Service Provides 1 Million Dollars to States to Combat Bat-Killing Fungal Disease USFWS
06/05/17 Applicants sought for Central Appalachia Habitat Stewardship Program NFWF
05/09/17 A harmonious future for profits, pine and at-risk species along the Florida-Alabama line USFWS
04/18/17 Endangered Species Act Petitions for Florida Black Bear and Mojave Desert Tortoise do not Warrant Further Action USFWS
04/06/17 Fish and Wildlife, the military and state of Florida boost conservation at Camp Blanding USFWS
04/04/17 U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service finds yellow lance mussel warrants Endangered Species Act protection USFWS
03/30/17 Manatee Reclassified from Endangered to Threatened as Habitat Improves and Population Expands – Existing Federal Protections Remain in Place USFWS
03/24/17 Service, Department of Defense Adopt Credit Strategy for SE Installations Benefiting Gopher Tortoise and other species USFWS
03/06/17 Draft Recovery Plan for Endangered Yellowcheek Darter Available USFWS
03/01/17 Winter 2017 Natural Selections Newsletter DoD Natural Resources Program
02/10/17 SCDNR, SCBS partner for bluebird conservation SC DNR
02/06/17 Partnering to Protect Longleaf Pines The Conservation Fund
01/03/17 The Longleaf Reader Winter 2016 The Longleaf Alliance
12/31/16 Longleaf Stewardship Fund 2017 Request for Proposals NFWF
12/23/16 Final Policy Provides Standards to Offset Impacts of Development on America’s Most At-Risk Species USFWS
12/23/16 Federal Agencies Strengthen Opportunities for Public Engagement in Voluntary Conservation Efforts Under Endangered Species Act USFWS
12/01/16 Fall 2016 Natural Selections: Spotlight on GT Conservation and Crediting Strategy DoD Natural Resources Program
11/10/16 Georgia's Revised Wildlife Action Plan Approved, at Work GA DNR Wildlife Resources Division
11/10/16 2016 season marked by high sea turtle nest, stranding numbers SC DNR
10/27/16 NFWF and USFWS Announce Launch of the Bats for the Future Fund NFWF
09/15/16 Military Bases Serve As Safe Haven For Endangered Species NPR
09/13/16 Service Announces Findings on Ten Endangered Species Act Petitions US FWS
09/01/16 The Birds and the Bombs BioGraphic, Ben Goldfarb
08/30/16 Fish and Wildlife Service Conducting Five-Year Status Reviews of 22 Southeastern Species US FWS
08/17/16 NOAA awards $5.4 million in grants for endangered, threatened species recovery NOAA
07/27/16 UCF to Establish Permanent Sea Turtle Research Field Station on Archie Carr National Wildlife Refuge US FWS
07/26/16 Service Announces Final Methodology for Prioritizing and Addressing Endangered Species Act Status Reviews US FWS
07/22/16 Corps and Service Agree On Actions for Conserving Cape Sable Seaside Sparrow and Restoring Balance to Everglades Ecosystem US FWS
02/17/16 DoD Announces Request for Fiscal Year 2017 Legacy Resource Management Program Funding Pre-Proposals Department of Defense
01/19/16 USFWS Regulates Human Interactions with Listed Bat Species USFWS
12/14/15 The Department of Defense and the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service have produced the Fall 2015 Wildlife Stewardship & National Defense Issue of the Endangered Species Bulletin DoD and USFWS
09/17/15 U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service Announces Findings for 25 Endangered Species Act Petitions USFWS
09/14/15 Fish and Wildlife Service Proposes Adding White Fringeless Orchid to Threatened and Endangered Species List USFWS
09/02/15 Loggerhead Sea Turtles Set Another Nesting Record in Georgia GA DNR
08/11/15 Military Conservation Partner Award 2016—Solicitation of Nominations USFWS
07/23/15 Dusty Gopher Frog Recovery Plan Released USFWS
08/19/14 Fort Bragg and red-cockaded woodpecker co-exist comfortably after shift in conservation attitudes Fayetteville Observer
07/27/11 12-Month Finding on a Petition To List the Gopher Tortoise as Threatened in the Eastern Portion of Its Range USFWS
02/21/10 A Base for War Training, and Species Preservation NY Times