What is SERPPAS?

The Southeast Regional Partnership for Planning and Sustainability (SERPPAS) is a voluntary collaboration among State leaders from natural resources, working lands, and environmental protection agencies in North Carolina, South Carolina, Georgia, Florida, Alabama, and Mississippi; regional leaders from their federal agency counterparts; and leaders from the Department of Defense and the military services in the Southeast. Formed in 2005, SERPPAS is an unconventional partnership that harnesses strategic planning and promotes collaborative decision-making between public and private partners to support the military mission, conserve key habitats and species, sustain rural economies and industries, and foster better coordination among local, state, and federal stakeholders in the region. SERPPAS serves as a forum to build effective working relationships between diverse partners, identify overlapping interests, and implement mutually beneficial actions that support the missions of all the partners.

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Minimize incompatible development with decisions that are beneficial to the military mission, community well-being, rural economics, and environmental requirements.

Increase partnerships to improve conservation, the economy, quality of life, resilience, and military readiness.

Utilize data rich and GIS-based maps to identify overlapping and compatible partner priorities.

Develop policy initiatives and promote innovative projects that support the SERPPAS mission.

2024 SERPPAS Strategic Plan

The Strategic Plan serves as a framework for identifying and implementing collaborative and cooperative solutions to various challenges affecting national defense, natural resources, economic sustainability, and the quality of life in the Southeast region.