Lance LeFleur

In May 2010, Lance LeFleur began serving as the Director of the Alabama Department of Environmental Management (ADEM).

Mr. LeFleur has extensive private sector managerial experience leading two companies dedicated to environmental improvement. He was the founder, owner, and for more than twenty years the operator of a business that reprocessed and traded industrial plastics domestically and internationally. As a former business owner he understands the importance of regulations in protecting environmental resources and how the regulatory process impacts businesses. His private sector background has also afforded him many opportunities to successfully work with diverse stakeholder groups to resolve difficult issues.

As the director of ADEM, Mr. LeFleur’s activities are overseen by the seven-member Alabama Environmental Management Commission. ADEM has approximately 570 employees of which 500 are degreed engineers or scientists, an operating budget of $60 million, and a total budget of $250 million.

Mr. LeFleur holds a Bachelor of Science in chemistry from the Georgia Institute of Technology, an MBA in management/finance from Southern Methodist University and completed the Advanced Management Program at the Harvard University Graduate School of Business.