Strategic Plan and Focus Areas

2021 Strategic Plan Cover

SERRPAS is guided by a Strategic Plan that highlights topics of mutual interest for the SERPPAS partners (focus areas) and measurable and achievable goals (objectives) that will help the partnership advance its mission across the region. The plan serves as a framework for identifying and implementing collaborative and cooperative solutions to various challenges affecting national defense, natural resources, economic sustainability, and the quality of life in the Southeast region. The plan is organized by five focus areas, each supported by collaborative work groups. The work groups identify priority actions to accomplish the objectives in the plan.

2021+ SERPPAS Strategic Plan

Focus Areas

Sentinel Landscapes in the Southeast

Connects currently designated and future Sentinel Landscapes to address shared challenges, share lessons learned, and promote the Sentinel Landscapes Partnership’s mission in the Southeast.

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At-Risk, Threatened, and Endangered Species

Collaborates with partners to promote innovative strategies for conservation of at-risk and listed species and increases flexibility for addressing impacts to both military missions and species.

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Southeast Prescribed Fire Initiative

Develops and implements a Comprehensive Prescribed Fire Strategy that promotes prescribed fire as a land management tool to minimize the risk of destructive wildfires while restoring critical habitat and species in the Southeast.

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Coastal Resilience and Regional Adaptation

Fosters collaboration among partners to build capacity, develop plans, share resources, and implement projects that address climate adaptation and increase resilience for military installations and communities.

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Energy Development and Siting

Collaborates with partners to encourage robust coordination and promote effective use of new or existing tools that could aid developers’ ability to address potential impacts to military mission and natural resources.

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